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An illustrated children’s book of my popular poem “BROWN.” A poem detailing my experience of learning to love the skin I’m in. Through a changing of perspective I am able to see the beauty of the color brown in more than just me but everything around me. 


Everyone knows that life lessons are learned on the field, court, pool, track or anywhere people play their sport. The catch is, we don’t realize what we’ve learned until we step off of the field and into life. As a former D1 collegiate athlete, through sports analogy I take a deep dive into life lessons and how we can be the best players in life. 


Home can be found anywhere. In a city you’ve never been to but speaks to your heart, in a song that takes you to a memory you hope to never forget, in the eyes of the friends you’ve had for decade or the kitchen island that has an equal amount of friends. I find home in everything. This poetry book puts home into words and knows exactly where your heart is. 



Moon Fruit is my debut collection of poetry and prose. I wrote this in hopes that you would find solace in knowing that you are not alone in the downswings of life. I aim to meet you in your valley and encourage you to set your sights on the peaks while embracing the journey. 



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