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There are those who glow when they walk into a room. They are the ones who make their dreams come true...

why can't that be you?

I help you find your light in your darkest hour, become unstuck, and push you into the life you dream of so you can truly shine from the inside out. 

Ready to take the first step into your life of confidence, accomplishment, fulfillment and freedom? Work with me and glow up!

If I can find my light in my darkest days, you can shine too.

Morgan Bullock, the author of Moon Fruit and creator/host of the Around & Within Podcast, is an expert in shifting mindsets, unleashing potential, overcoming grief, and supporting individuals answer the age old questions, Who am I and What is my purpose?


After losing a sibling, her child, a marriage, job and eventually herself, Morgan became familiar with picking up the pieces in her life regardless of how dark it was around her. She developed techniques that ignited her fire within, illuminating her purpose while discovering herself. 


Morgan is now taking those methods of self discovery to empower other’s to pick up the pieces in their lives, become unstuck and achieve their dreams. Through transformational presentations, spoken word poetry and life changing connectivity, Morgan is a sought-after speaker and spoken word performer guaranteed to positively impact your audience.

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