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Damn... That's Craaaazy!

First of all, I am NOT 62 years old. Let's go ahead and get that out of the way. If you have been following me on Instagram or recently became one of the new homies, you know that I posted a reel giving everyone a rundown on who I am sharing my age, my sign, where I live where I'm from, what I do, etc.

When I was making the video I had a strange conversation with myself

Weird voice: make your age something ridiculous like 62!

Me: Now why in the hell would I do that?!

Weird Voice: Why not? It's just the internet, add a little spice to your version of this. Do what you want and stop second guessing every single thing you do!"

So I got cute and did it. Then IT BLEW UP!

I had no idea anyone outside of my friends and current followers would see it and get a chuckle out of it only to be inundated with comments, questions, reposts and a mass of followers. Before I knew it the joke was being taken seriously! People left me IG voice messages saying they told their family that I was 62 and were astonished some people were upset that I would tell a (what I thought was obvious) lie on the internet like their favorite celebrities do all the time. ---- OOP, let me reel my shadiness back in ----

As the followers and views continued to climb and I got over the fact that people were missing the joke I started to realize that the "weird voice" that told me to do this was my intuition telling me to just be myself. The internet doesn't want this perfect, I've got everything together, I do everything by the book, liked by everyone type person.

The world wants you! All of you! While everyone who came to my page didn't stay there were a few who did. Some of y'all even came to my website and realized that you wanted to make a change in your life, or that the encouragement and positivity I've been putting out has been helpful. From those of you who are new and shared that my work and purpose have impacted you simply from a silly reel showed me that the way to reach people at the level I want to reach them is by being myself.

What about you? What impact or legacy do you want to leave on the world? Do you think that you have to refine or second guess who you are instinctively to become that person or walk in your purpose? Well I'm here to tell you that you don't. We all want you exactly as you are.

Who is that though? Do you know that person? Are you familiar with that voice inside or do you quiet that voice down and act outside of your true self?

If you struggle with those questions I'd love to hop on a free discovery call with you to discuss where you are and how we can work together to help you with self discovery, clarifying your purpose and glow through life. Click here to book.

Peace and Much Love,

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