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Duality Within

We are taught we have to choose between emotions as if we are not complex beings who can feel all things at all times.

I am incredibly happy.

I keep reminding myself of this because I remember the times when I was profoundly sad and wanted a better for myself. I need this reminder because, while I’m not sad I still have those emotions of want better for myself.

In this space I’m learning that I can want better or feel as though I'm at square one in a certain area in my life but also happy with where I am in my life. Is this what it means to enjoy the journey?

Previously, I would hyperfocus on where I wanted to be so much that I would be dissatisfied with my current position until I got there. I would want to rush to the finish line because I assumed that's where happiness lies.

Happiness doesn’t lie in a destination but within. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, happiness and contentment are found at every turn if you choose to find them there.

Peace and Much Love,

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