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20/20 Vision Is Still Clear | Around & Within Episode 26

Remember when it was the end of 2019 and everyone was excited for the new decade. We were all super cliche talking about 2020 is my year or my decade my vision is clear. This decade is when my dreams will come true. 2020 vision over here. Then God or the Universe or whatever you believe in said "mmm hmm yeah cool so we’re gonna start it off with you sitting your ass down."

To which many of us met with reprehension and frustration because we envisioned our year and the start to our decade being one of activity and hustle. We were supposed to go everywhere and do everything if not for the gram at most, for ourselves. This time has been discouraging for many but to those of you who are discouraged I challenge your outlook and ask you why you feel like this moment of pause was something that hurt you? If anything this year is shaping up to be the best way we could have started this decade. Hear me out.

We can’t have a clear vision if we don’t sit down and take the time to visualize and plan. Any entrepreneurial, career changing or financial freedom story I’ve read or heard all started with them having a clear and concise well thought out plan. Yet, because of social media culture we are ready to be at the finish line without ever considering what it takes to get there. We just think if I speak it and see it then I’ll manifest it to myself. When in reality yes, manifestation works but only after one starts doing the work. The work starts with a plan or else you’re just wearing yourself out with things that aren’t getting you anywhere. If you haven’t taken this opportunity of international pause to plan out the next 5 to 10 years I would encourage you to do so. Really sit down with yourself and write out what it is that you want for your life. Not on a cute vision board but words on the paper. Detail the life you want to be living in 10 years and work your way backwards to develop the plan you will follow to get there. Switch your mindset to a story teller’s mind. The best most beautiful crafted stories, in my opinion, come from the writers who see the end first and they build everything else up to the end instead of going into the story trying to piece things together hoping that the unforeseen end works with everything else the’ve been writing. When the end is in mind every detail leading up to it has purpose. 2020 has helped us recognize our purpose or how to move purposefully towards our dreams.

"I can see clearly now the rain is gone."Sometimes the rain isn’t actual rain the rain can be a relationship, a job, a lifestyle or distractions. Sometimes.. many times when we are in the midst of living and being in a routine we don’t realize how many red flags and compromises we ignore. Now that we have been given a moment to focus on everything around and within ourselves things have become more apparent. Like wow this relationship I’ve been in is doing nothing for me and now that I’ve been stuck in the house I realize how much we don’t even like each other. Or on the flip side wow I’ve been so busy and haven’t had the time with my significant other to realize how much I love them and how great they really are. Maybe we argue a lot because everything else in my life is stressful not them. Perhaps you’ve said to yourself,

"Wow I hate my job or I can’t go after my dreams because I have to keep this job and pay my bills there’s just not enough time in the day."

This time may have shown you just how flexible your job actually is and you going into the office was a great excuse for you not to conquer your fears and do the thing. Or maybe this moment of pause has shown you just how much you hate your job and given you the opportunity to apply for a ton more. Either way clarity. Some of us were living lifestyles that didn’t give us any time for anything else there was never a moment of clarity when we were constantly partying, booking trips, spending money on clothes and drinks and cute hair and bags and shoes, and bruch for cute pics on the gram maybe I’m calling myself outtt let me know if you identifyyyy hahaha y’all I’ve been looking back in my story archives and wondering who was?! Some of my friends use to say it looks like you’re having so much fun and now that I’m going back to look at the lifestyle I was living and seeing it from their point of view. It was a blast! But now, I have vision for my life, I have some goals I want to reach and that lifestyle distracts me from accomplishing them. Now don’t get wrong I’m never going to stop buying cute clothes shoes and bags and brunch is still something I plan on doing and hell I’m probably going to twerk sumn in the club from time to time but that’s no longer the main thing that my life revolves around because it doesn’t align with my plans or help me reach my goals if that’s my main focus. This mindset gives me the strength to say no when I have to chose work over a cute night out with the girls. This moment of pause has cut out distractions as well. There hasn’t been much to numb our minds on social media and TV is slowly fizzling out because they haven’t been able to film due to quarantine. Now without distractions, we have nothing left to do but to be with ourselves and focus on our business. This pause is also a contributing factor to this overdue revolution. We as a people and society are unable to brush over the long standing problem of police brutality without distractions large companies and white/other people of color haven’t been able to look away. Much of the rain of our everyday lives has been pushed aside leaving us to see things that we could brush over much more clearly.

Let’s say you’re someone who had already made a plan and 2020 your were booked and busy. You’ve been thriving and growing and everything was working out. It was time to pivot or else you were headed for a decline. I know what you’re thinking shut the fuck up Morgan you don’t know what you’re talking about. But the gag is I do. Alright have you heard of the sigmoid curve? It’s a mathematical concept that models the natural life cycle where our lives rise and fall basically turn an “S” sideways and that’s pretty much it. So in the sigmoid curve there are phases you start from the bottom you learn and you slowly rise these are the times in our lives when we put in the work and see little return for our hard work we may even see a decline before we start moving upwards. Then we make it to the growth phase where we rise sharply things are great your hard work is paying off everything is popping your socials are really taking off multiple streams of income yesssss. The third phase of the sigmoid curve is the decline when you’ve reached your peak and changed nothing, where the multiple streams start to dry up, everything around you is moving ahead without you and you’re finding yourself back at the drawing board. Now, successful people, people who seem to always keep climbing have learned how to surf the sigmoid curve. What I mean by that is when they are in that rapid growth phase the voluntarily go back to the learning curve phase in the midst of their growth before they reach their peak. They are willing to pivot and go back to the really uncomfortable phase of the curve so they never reach the third phase the decline. It’s chaotic during that time because everyone around you may be confused hell you might even been confused but when you learn to stay ahead of the curve you’re able to always stay ahead.

2020 forced most of us into a decline (so at least you’re not alone if you felt that hurt) but see this as an opportunity to learn how to surf. This is a wake up call to recognize that pivoting is pivotal for your success.

Remember that whatever happens in your life expected or unexpected, glorious or tragic can all be for your good depending on how you look at it. 2020 has been really ghetto so far with the deaths of legends and a global pandemic in an election year but like most things in fashion, music, entertainment and culture over all the world the ghetto breeds creativity, innovation, inspiration and newness. It’s where people do a lot with a little and ultimately change the world.

Peace and Much Love,

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1 Comment

Selene Garcia
Selene Garcia
Jul 01, 2020

This is DEFINITELY what I needed to read to reconfirm my vision, my future, my everything. As always, so well written and easily relatable! Loved this reading!

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