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Living In The Dark

One night I walked from my bedroom, down the hallway, down my stairs, across the living room and into the kitchen without second guessing or even watching where I was going. It wasn’t until my friend who was visiting me and walking with me asked, “Do you not turn on lights? How do you see where you are going?” I hadn’t even realized that I had navigated through the entire house without turning on a single light. Meanwhile, she was behind me stumbling her way through the dark. I looked her in a stupor and thought, “oh shit, my bad. This must have been a terrible midnight snack trip for you!”

It’s impressive how we can adapt to darkness, we know the nuances of what we are familiar with. We’ve stubbed our toe on the coffee table enough times to know when to avoid it. Our body naturally counts the stairs and which one creaks on the way up. We become so familiar that we don’t think to turn on the light even though it would make things easier, we’d rather stumble over things that we can’t see to avoid turning on the light and it be too bright in our eyes forcing them to adjust. So, we keep the lights off instead.

Maybe you do this too except with life and with yourself....

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