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#NEGATIVEAF A Guide To Shifting Your Negative Mindset To A Positive One


We have about 60,000 thoughts per day and 80% of them are negative and 95% of those are repetitive.

Think about that we have 48,000 negative thoughts compared to 12,000 positive ones. Thoughts like ugh I’m not attractive, or I can’t do that, or I’ll never live that life, or I’ll always be broke, I’ll never lose the weight, my friends don’t really like me, no one likes me over and over and over again.

These thoughts do nothing but create drama in our minds. Thats why we be in the shower going OFF on that girl we don’t like or that guy who’s got you ready to square up on sight. Don’t front you know you be in the shower ready to fight.

I like to have my hypothetical arguments in the mirror so I can practice my stank face… and also, so after I’ve wasted 10 minutes on an imaginary never gonna happen scenario I can see how dumb I look for giving so much attention and time to negativity. It takes a moment but I snap out of it and make myself think of something happier so I can rub that scowl off my face. That’s another thing negative thoughts give you, crows feet and frown lines and who wants that? Have you seen old folk with wrinkles in all the wrong places… you look at them and go whew you’ve been mad all yo life! Now, I know you don’t want to grow up to be that person.

Don’t be thhhaattt person.

So how do we stop it? How do we shift our minds from having only 12,000 positive thoughts to having 48,000 ones?

1. Make An Ongoing Gratitudes List

Start by getting a journal, piece of paper or the notes app on your phone and make a list of every single thing you are grateful for and/or makes you happy and it should include anything and everything. Nothing is wrong. Family, friends, pets, job those should go on there but also….You grateful for your baby hairs? Write it down. Your booty starting to poke out a little bit, add it to the list. You really like how silly your personality is? On the list. Literally everything as long as it’s positive. Nothing that is saying I’m glad my blank is not blank or I’m thankful this blank isn’t as bad as blank. those are still making you think of something you deem as negative. Keep in mind this is an ongoing list that you should visit regularly.

2. Be Cognizant of Your Negative Thoughts

Next try to notice when you’re being negative. When you do notice, tell yourself to chill out

Once you realize that you’re being negative try to immediately think of something positive

This isn’t always easy sometimes negative thoughts come up even in the midst of positive ones. Stay in control of your mind and bring yourself back to positivity.

3. Make Positive Thoughts Habitual

In order to change your mindset to a positive one you must remind yourself of the things that make you happy and that you are grateful for on a consistent basis you have to actively create this habit. This is where that gratitudes list comes in handy. In the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, he explains how attaching a habit you would like to adopt to a habit you already have or something that you enjoy. So for example let’s say you wake up and have a habit of getting on your phone. Make checking your phone a reward for telling yourself one thing you are grateful for. So you can’t check your phone until you say something you are grateful for. Before you know it you’ll begin to wake up on a positive note. Maybe print out that list of gratitudes you’re going to write and put it on your wall or ceiling so you see it in the morning and at night and those positive thoughts become ingrained. By the time you have coffee associate drinking your coffee with thinking about positive things about yourself. Then on a daily basis you will be lifting yourself up. It may be difficult to just come up with positive thoughts out of the blue at first so have the everyday things in your life remind you to do so. Eventually it becomes muscle memory or second nature for you to know what you are grateful for and what’s positive in your life. Negative thoughts are second nature because you are constantly reminding yourself of them. You are repeating them over and over again. If you repeat negative you can repeat positive. Am I right or am I right?

This week's words

“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.” — Lao Tzu

Dammmnnnn in other words your thoughts are your destiny. Having positive thoughts literally changes your life. Think about it if you are where you are with this many negative thoughts imagine where you might be if you start shifting your thoughts to positive ones. It’s worth a shot right?


Y’all last week I was working on my YouTube video and I’ve been learning Final Cut Pro (side note apple is giving away three month trials of Final Cut Pro 10 so check that out), it’s definitely not as user friendly as iMovie so I’ve been struggling my way through figuring it out. So all of a sudden my audio is just gone and I am researching how to get it back and nothing is working. I’ve spent hours on this video. I cry for a moment then I immediately started thinking about all the really good you tubers I watch and thought to myself “Morgan you know these people have lost files, lost videos and cried about it but they are better for it! It’s all good it will be okay.” As negative as I wanted to be through practice I was able to calm myself down and see the bright side. So with that being said,

This week I affirm that I will continue to have positive thoughts and a positive outlook on life regardless of what I’m currently going through.

And since we are talking about positive thoughts and what we are grateful for this episode I’ll throw in a gratitude as well. I’m grateful for all of the different modes of communication we have with one another. Like, I get it we are all a little stir crazy and tired of being in the house. Well… some of us, only those of us who actually stay in the house and follow protocol, I’m talking about you if it applies to you. Anyway for those of us who are tired of being in the house imagine how bored we would be if we didn’t have the means of connectivity that we do. Whew Chile grateful!

It is with peace and much love,


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