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Pregnant, In Labor and Preparing For Delivery

This one is a little personal. I’m in a place where I feel both nostalgic and restless. I’m at a place where I know I am evolving, cocooning, blooming. That place where you grow into that next version of yourself. Some people gracefully ascend into their elevated selves but that’s never been me. I’ve always felt my transformations coming as if I were birthing my new self and I've been in labor for WEEKS delivering Morgan 3.0.

At least this is how I've been feeling emotionally. It's uncomfortable, you don't feel fully like yourself and can't wait the next step. We are grateful for who we are and where we are but anxious and ready for what's to come. Looking back on my life and growth I've had I realize that my level ups or glow ups are rarely smooth transitions; I bust through the ceiling, make drastic changes in my life and find my self in a totally different space. This is just the first time I’ve been so self aware that I’m overly ready for and also nervous about my next breakthrough.

In speaking with friends and clients I realize that I’m not alone in feeling this way. We all have or are eventually going to feel pregnant with the next version of ourselves. Here’s what I’m doing to prepare for my delivery.

1. Being Kind To Myself

At least I’m trying to be. I can be on edge and have erratic emotions taking a moment to say “I’m going through a personal transition right now it’s going to be okay” helps me to step outside of myself and my emotions to look at my situation from a holistic and healthy perspective.

2. Exercising Patience.

Now that I know that Morgan 3.0’s due date is near I am anxious to go ahead and deliver… like most pregnant women who get to month 10 and want their bodies back. I’m excited for my next self but need a reminder at times that I need time to continue to grow so I can step into her instead of rush into her.

3.Writing Down Who I Think Morgan 3.0 Is.

As I’ve mentioned before writing things down changes the entire game! At one point I asked myself okay Morgan who do you think you are becoming? Who do you want to become that you aren’t currently? Doing this exercise gave me some unexpected relief, released some pressure and helped me to get excited about what’s to come. When I only had an idea of who I was becoming or supposed to be there was some negativity attached to where I currently am. Writing out the positive gave me focus.

  1. 4. Loving myself now.

It’s easy to see where I want to go and forget to appreciate where I am now and how far I’ve come. Knowing that I am leveling up but not quite at the level I want to be at can make me frustrated with some current decisions and lead me down a path of questioning and lack of self assurance. I have taken the time to remind myself of how great I am now as Morgan 2.9.

Give yourself the same grace you would give someone who is physically pregnant, give yourself the grace to rest, recalibrate, realign and know that you're breakthrough, delivery, rebirth is coming at right time.

I hope my account of how I’m handling myself can help you. I’m always willing to put my emotions and what I’m going through out there so you realize that you’re not alone in what you are feeling. Life is not meant to be figured out on your own. Lean on others, ask questions, open your mind, allow others to be, allow yourself to flow. This is when we find happiness and fulfillment.

Peace and Much Love,

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