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The World is Full Of Pretenders. Just Do The Damn Thing

Around & Within Episode 29


This past week has been one of major self reflection maybe it’s because of yesterday being a significant day for me and my life… but ultimately, I’m pretty sure at this point I have seen multiple versions of myself in a short period of time. I feel like this year is taking forever but also expediting my growth. Who I was at the beginning of quarantine is a totally different person than who is speaking to y’all today. It brings me back to a point in the book Think and Grow Rich, where Napoleon Hill talks about even if you don’t have a plan or an idea of how to get rich yet if you keep thinking about it and thinking of ways to do so, the idea WILL come to you. This quarantine period has had me in my thoughts and while I’m great at coming up with ideas, ways that I want to grow, branding and self development I look back and realize that I’ve made so many strides, gained so much knowledge and practiced the consistency I challenged myself to do. I’m really proud of who I am today and where I am with my mindset. However, in my efforts to prepare myself and invest in myself there is still a level of self doubt, I can’t help but to see others portray themselves a certain way and I either think they got it all together and I’m not there yet or I realize that they are pretenders who are really good a social media. Neither of the two matter when it comes to me and my platform they are distractions and I’m about to hash it out! In other words this episode, honestly, is for me but I know that it can help you and many others. I will probably play this on repeat every morning. It’s just going to be one long affirmation meant to hype us up.

You are the shit! Stop being distracted and discouraged by watching pretenders who are full of shit. You sit back and think that because someone calls themselves xy and z that makes them worthy of the title meanwhile you think that you have to jump through hoops to claim the same as people who are half of what you are. Stop comparing yourself to others and believe in yourself, in your ability, and in your gifts because you are the shit. Put the coaching program out there release the book ASAP, do virtual speaking gigs so what it doesn’t look like how you planned it doesn’t make you any less qualified. Your story matters whether it’s in person or on a screen. DO IT!

Everyone is rooting for you. We WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!

The only person walking around with doubt is you! Stop it! In every game you’ve lost, in ever loved one you’ve lost, in every relationship, job or thing that you’ve lost you’ve always come out on the other side of it stronger and victorious… ALWAYS. So what is hindering you from doing? Just fucking do it!! It’s gon’ slap!

Are you pretending and just trying to do something for a quick buck? No. Then why do you assume people will think you are? Who told you that? Nobody. Who can honestly deny you? Nobody. Then why do you deny yourself? Stop it. Not only is it hurting you but also keeping your gifts that God wants you to share from others. You’re not just hindering yourself, you’re hindering others from receiving what they should be receiving from you.

Sometimes y’all we have to have real ass conversations with ourselves. I’ve talked previously about addressing and overcoming our fears by examining them and realizing that our fears are really small compared to how big we are making them. We have to do the same thing with our thoughts. It takes calling them out say the things you say to yourself out loud. Ask yourself where that idea came from so you can realize that it came from you it’s a way for your fears to stay alive even after you try to defeat them.

Negative self talk is something we all have to overcome. Practice telling yourself positive things consistently.

Not only do we have to speak positively to ourselves and check it when we tell ourselves some bullshit we also have to see who we want to become and not be discouraged by the perceived distance between that person and who we are today but start acting as that person. Start being who you want to be in 5 years or 10 years. This will give us the confidence to just do the damn thing. I know 35 year old Morgan is going to be on her shit, her multiple entities that she’s thinking of now will be popping she will be a hot commodity that many people will pay for access to. She will be so focused on her endeavors that she won’t have time to even notice pretenders or others who don’t have any impact on her business. If anything she will inspire those who may distract her today. Now that I’ve said aloud who I see in 5 years I’m going to do everything I can to be that Morgan today. Because why not? It will only help me right?

I saw a post on IG that said: stop letting your potential go to waste because you don’t feel confident or ready enough. People with half your talent are making serious waves while you are still waiting to feel ready.

I end up going on a really positive inspiring rant that I didn't write out. Listen to my podcast to get your liiiffeee. Click here for the podcast!

Peace and Much Love,

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