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Juneteenth was the definition of a vibe. In the midst of us constantly reminding others that we can’t breathe for a day it felt like we collectively took a breath. It is as if 2020 gave us a break, comedic relief and a calmness landing Juneteenth on a Friday knowing we needed something even if just a day with perfect weather, a sun that made us glow and a breeze that kept us smiling. A reminder that we gon be alright. Our eyes alive with visions of happiness and black people loving on one another celebrating the ability to do so. There was a sense of belonging that we curated for ourselves in the middle of a pandemic and revolution. There is beauty in creating something when broken. That is what blackness is an enslaved people being freed given nothing in return for the work they never agreed to do and still making the world take heed. Centuries of building our own only for it to be taken, burned down or redlined. But Juneteenth 2020 was a reminder that one thing that can never be taken from as hard as everyone may try is our culture. A culture we created that grew like a rose from concrete and now everyone can’t help but to marvel at the strength and tenacity it took for something so beautiful to come from something lacking nutrients, water and proper care. We are a reminder that no matter what we will grow, we will persevere and we will do it beautifully. That’s why you can’t look away. Juneteenth 2020 was nothing but love smiles and amazing vibes music, libations, and melanin. Thank you for the break, for the calmness.

The question is, is it the calm before the storm. Are we at that point in the story where everything feels somewhat perfect amidst the destruction and chaos around us. that moment right before SHIT. GETS. REAL?

In a story there’s the rising action then the climax and most stories include a little break right before the climax to kind of give the audience something to calm their emotions and gives their mind a second to breathe.

In the movies or in reading a book I’m constantly waiting for that moment in the story because I know that’s when the story is about to get good. maybe where the side love story tugs on your heartstrings or a the team makes a bonding breakthrough. 2020 has been a rising action since we lost Kobe and has been on our necks ever since. Yesterday was the break. Because I love dynamic stories I’m slightly excited. But because this is reality, I’m also kinda scared. But for now. For this moment cheers TO FREEDOM!


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