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Welcome To The Bright Side!

As of last Friday I've gained a lot of new homies to the site! HEY GIRL!!!

I'm your new favorite homegirl and it's poppin' with positivity and light over here. So if you're not really here for some down to earth, real talk about perspective shifts and optimistic outlooks then I have no idea why your here and you'll probably hate everything that I have to say lol. For those of you who love to hear "OMG girl you are glowing" when you walk in a room. Or enjoy working on what's going on, on the inside then you're in the right place!

I did a light introduction on my IG stories the other day and "welcome to the bright side" just kind of rolled off my tongue. While my page and my passion is about inner light I want to make sure y'all know that the bright side is found wherever you are, whatever season you're in, and whenever you decide to see life that way.

The bright side is a space in your mind that maybe you haven't tapped into yet, or a lens you have yet to look through. It's a depth in your self that you need to reach to help you choose happy and choose yourself. I've lost a lot in my life that caused emotional turmoil and darkness however losing myself cut the deepest.

I realized that much of my sadness or negativity stemmed from my reality not matching my expectations. I was unfulfilled in my relationships, lack of passion, and lack of growth. I was cold and closed off because I didn't feel like I was going anywhere or working towards anything. I didn't know what my passion or purpose was. I felt insignificant. When I decided to find myself again --- or maybe for the first time, now that I think about it --- I was able to see life the way it's meant to be seen.


How bright is the world to you? Do you find the silver lining? Are you looking for the positive? Or do you stay stuck in the sad moments, or feel the weight of the world crushing your shoulders? It's okay wherever you are as long as you determine where you want to go.

Peace and Much Love,

Morgan is a certified life coach helping women GLOW through life after loss. Loss = loved ones, relationships, jobs, lifestyles, friends, sense of security, oneself

Chat with Morgan 1:1 for free by booking a discovery call here!

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