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You Have NOTHING Without Resilience. Here's How To Strengthen Yours

Okay, so boom, you have nothing without resilience: no freedom, no accomplishments, no hope if you can’t overcome challenges.

The idea that you can go through relationships, start businesses, have children, play sports, or live life without hardship is naive and unrealistic. Misfortune, mistakes, and miseducation is part of everyone’s journey. The question is, will you keep going when you encounter it? Are you going to get back up when you fall? Will you triumph like the few with amazing stories of failure and victory? Or…

Will you be like the majority, lacking resilience, succumbing to their misfortunes, living on low vibration and overwhelming self-pity? Will you learn to project your negativity and self-doubt upon others to make yourself feel better about your sad decision?

These are the questions we must ask ourselves. This is what you must decide upon when it comes to living your best, most fulfilled life. Are you willing to weather the storm and in an all-out determination to overcome it?

If you’re still reading, I assume you’ve chosen to be resilient. As your resilience coach, here are three ways you can strengthen your resilience and conquer any battle that comes your way.

  1. Accept change and redirection. We stay in this place of frustration and cannot move forward because we won’t get over the fact that something unwontedly changed. You may miss out on the positive path your pivot is leading you on because you are too stuck in the past.

  2. See everything as an opportunity for self-discovery. We are constantly getting to know ourselves. Today is the oldest I’ve ever been and the youngest I will ever be. Experiences are coming my way, and I’m curious to uncover my reactions, intentionality, and growth with each one. The more I focus on myself (the solution) instead of the problem, the stronger I become.

  3. Move towards your goals. When you have a vision for your life, or what I like to call “Your Winning Play,” you have something that keeps pulling you up. Seeing the life, success, and freedom you desire will be a light amid your dark times.

I will continue to share the many ways to strengthen your resilience as your coach. Make sure you are subscribed to my email list to get notified of new insightful blogs or newsletters. The main takeaway is to have a Winning Play for your life. That repetitious vision will encourage you to focus on self-discovery and be eager to accept change.

Don’t have a vision, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many people don’t think too far ahead or aren’t honest with themselves about what they truly desire. If you’re seeking guidance and accountability, I encourage you to take my “Develop Your Winning Play” coaching program, where I share the framework I’ve used to get everything I once wanted. Well… what are the “things” you once wanted, Morgan?

Outside of the luxury vehicle, investment property, and the exact place I live. I have the relationship I once dreamed about, the financial stability that seemed unreachable, the beautiful, healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby I once prayed for, and the freedom I knew I needed for my life. I could go on, but it would need to be another blog post. With this framework and development of my Winning Play, I’m grateful for what I currently have and beyond excited about what is to come—especially knowing that I have the resilience to reach it no matter how I fall.

Click the link below to chat with me further about joining my program to “Develop Your Winning Play."

With peace and much Love,

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