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I am a former D1 athlete, veteran People Ops Professional (that’s the cool term for HR Manager), ICF Certified Life Coach, Author, and Poet. Put all that together and get a highly sought-after spoken word speaker who infuses wordplay with inspirational storytelling. I deliver messages on building resilience and personal development, which are relevant topics for organizations, teams, and individuals experiencing adversity, trauma, or self-doubt and are ready to get up and win.


From small company events to huge conferences, I’m your go-to for a customized talk that will teach you how to champion yourself, build resilience, and get back up every time you fall.


If you are seeking a passionate speaker who can relate to your audience and provide ultrapractical tools, get started here



Want to learn more about my story? Check it out here.

Hear Me Out

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with my words I aim to make you feel seen.

through my voice I hope to make you feel empowered.

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