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I’m a former D1 athlete, FSU alum (Go Noles!!) Certified Life Coach, International Speaker, Two Time Author, Podcast Host, and Self Love Advocate.


In my youth, I won a high school state championship, Georgia High School Player of the Year, an ACC Championship, and became a 2nd Team All-American. I took my winning mindset into life attempting to have a similar winning streak off the field and into adulthood. I was under the impression that I must win a secure career, get married young, buy a forever home, and start a family by 25. (It’s okay to laugh, I’m laughing as I type this!)  While I “won” most of those things in hopes to gain the approval and applause of my family, friends, and peers, I was genuinely unfulfilled and insecure. Then I lost it all, my career, my marriage, my house, and my pregnancy. Worst of all I lost myself. I fell flat on my face like I did here:











The cool thing about falling flat on your face is the only way to go is up from there. So I did the work to rediscovered myself, stop comparisons, improve my resilience, define my identity, find freedom in enjoying the journey, and I learned that to truly win is to live as your authentic self.


That propelled me into becoming a certified life coach and helping numerous women rediscover themselves and find freedom and fulfillment from within. Then I thought what if I help high-achieving young girls on the front end as they are figuring out their identity so they can conquer anything on and off the field


Now I empower female athletes to gain a higher sense of self-worth, build enthusiasm, and instill unbreakable confidence.

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