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Do These 4 Things To Get Back Into Your Boss Babe Groove

The other day I felt like I had a pretzel in my head. Props to you if you know that movie reference. But seriously my thoughts, feelings, schedule and certainty was EV-ER-Y-WHERE! Then I got a glimpse of the planner that I hadn’t been keeping up with, the weights on the floor that I hadn’t been picking up and my messy bed that always seems to call my name made up or not and said to myself, “well no shit Morgan, damn! how do you expect to be organized in this mess?!” I took a step back and asked myself what happened, where am I going and how did I fall off track. I realized that after we made it through the year of January 2020, I felt accomplished in my consistency and felt like I could take a small break. I liked the way my body was looking so I said meh I can skip a day in the gym, some of my projects got redirected so I let them simmer on low, I considered tomorrow for some social media posts until tomorrow became next week. Maybe after January I felt like I had time because time was moving so slowly until I looked up and February is pretty much finished! Or perhaps time flies when you’re doing very little. You ever wonder how time flies when you are scrolling Instagram? Have you ever looked at your clock and said “DAMN I’VE BEEN WATCHING NETFLIX FOR 8 HOURS?!” Then looked around and found yourself surrounded by Uber eats, chips, cookies and candy? … no?… you haven’t? That’s just me???


You know and I know, we’ve all been there! Either way the point is time flies by when we aren’t working. The days slowly go by when we are muscling through a project or dealing with coworkers.

Ultimately, we are all at that time of the year where our resolutions have been slowly pushed under the rug and we are back to our regularly scheduled programming. But bump that! We are reaching our goals this decade! When time is seemingly flying by and you feel like your goals are getting away from you inwardly and outwardly here are some ways you can check yourself and push yourself back into your boss babe groove.

Make your bed

If it’s not already done, make your bed ASAP. If you are reading this while in the bed for the night… make it first thing in the morning.

Check your calendar

Open up your planner/calendar and find the last time you used your calendar. Try to remember what happened around that time that prompted you to stop or made you feel like you didn’t have to keep the habit going. Then, find the dates you know in the back of your mind are coming up and put them in your planner along with the rest of the next MONTH of planning. Maybe not in detail but try to fill in all of the important dates along with things you want to do to reach the goals you may have put by the waist side. Take a moment to reflect and get onto yourself for falling off. You did yourself a disservice and broke a good habit. You don’t have to punish yourself but it is important to not skip over the disappointment. Feel that and remember it so it won’t be as easy to fall off the next time.


I’m not saying you have to go do a boot camp, just something to get the blood flowing. You don’t need to be dripping in sweat but a nice glisten will wake the brain up and remind you of how enjoyable exercise is.

If you’re thinking… um who said exercise is enjoyable??

I encourage you to train your mind to think of how much all of your muscles appreciate it. I have yet to meet anyone who finishes a hard workout, cools off and says “wow I hate how I feel”. We typically love the after workout feeling those endorphins are partying. Strive for that feeling and you will find it enjoyable.

Affirm yourself

You may be feeling a little down for letting yourself down or it seems like you are behind or have to start over, and you might. But you’re here now, we can’t dwell on the past. We can feel the disappointment but then we are moving on from it. Remind yourself of who the f*ck you are! Play some Lizzo while you look at your vision board and get back on track. Say in present tense who you are aspiring to be, what you plan on having and where you are trying to go. Believe it then get to WERK!

These couple of quick doable actions really got the ball rolling for me. Before I knew it I was back into writing mode, creative mode completing the tasks I set aside, consistent exercise and better eating. Sometimes we just need a little push and we have to be able to rely on ourselves to do so.

I hope this helps you as much as it helped me!

Peace and Love,


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