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5 Ways To Rest and Recharge

If nothing else, this Coronavirus has taught us that breaks are necessary for our wellbeing. Some of us go down kicking and screaming but once we make it to sleep we realize how tired we actually were. But if you are anything like me, once you get into a groove or like what you’re doing you feel like you can’t take a break. People are expecting things and we must deliver now... right?? Especially with social media being what it is, it seems as though no one ever stops and God forbid you get left behind! Lemme tell you something, no one’s leaving you and if you don’t turn off and turn back on you won’t perform at your best, you won’t reach your goals as quickly as you could nor will you be able to sustain success due to lack of rest. Aside from the negative results of not resting, rest and relaxation has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress and allows us to be more creative and productive.

That’s cute and all Morgan but how?!? Don’t worry I got you here are 5 ways to relax and recharge

1. Go for a walk or a drive.

Taking a moment to do a mindless activity gives your mind the break it needs. Try to take that time to listen to music or take your mind off of work and schedules. Observe what is around you. You’d be surprised at how much inspiration and problem solving comes from taking your mind off of the problem.

I mean any time I walk like Beyonce or Naomi Campbell I automatically feel better.

2. Meditate. (not to be linked with prayer)

I’m here for talking to God but for the sake of rest the act of meditation and clearing your mind, try to focus on nothing more than your breath and the small sounds around you. This again gives your mind chance to rest. The Calm or Headspace apps are amazing for meditation or you can do it on your own in a quiet space, relaxed state with your eyes closed and taking deep breaths.

3. Phone a Friend.

Just last week I talked about how Jill and Erykah invited us to their facetime via IG Live and how healing it was for all of us. Talking to friends and socializing is so helpful. Chatting forces us to think of someone and something other than ourselves. If you’re someone who is head down tunnel

vision towards your goals talking to your friends could be your way of coming up for air and clearing out your headspace.

4. Get Enough Sleep/Naps are Dope

Fun Fact: I was that kid who stayed up the ENTIRE nap time watching other kids blissfully sleep while I waited for the teacher to turn the lights back on. Another fun fact: I WAS BUGGIN!!! Naps are amazing and I missed out on so much sleep for absolutely no reason. The sad part about sleep is that you can’t get it back and this quarantine may have your sleep schedule all out of wack. Fix it with a nap. Try to get your eight hours and/or make sure you incorporate a mid-day nap. I’m still working on this so if you struggle with napping know that you’re not alone.

5. Self Pampering

As much as I would like to go up the street and say “SNS and pedicure” or “hi I’m here for my facial” I can’t but it doesn’t mean I can’t do any of those things for myself. I find it best to do this on a day when nothing is expected of you and you can tell everyone to leave you the hell alone. And even if they don’t it won’t matter because you’re hands will be preoccupied. Find a bucket and fill it with warm water and Epsom salt and a drop of your favorite oil. Place it in front of the couch. Before you put your feet in it pop on a facemask, get a small bowl of warm water and a drop of oil. Soak your hands and feet in front of your favorite show. Then you’re doing two things at once. This is how I keep from feeling bad about binging that new show.

There are many methods of resting your mind. Hopefully these spark the thought and get you in the mind frame of taking time for yourself. Rest needs to come after hard work and if you're been grinding and making moves but remember. Just as computers have to restart and reboot humans do too.

Peace and Love,

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