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How "Trying" Is Setting Us Up For Failure


I’ve spent years talking about what I’m going to try or might be able to do. Instead of actually doing the thing I would talk about, trying it meant that I could give 50% - 70% of my effort instead of going all in. In a way, talking about what I’m trying to do was just a way to justify not fully committing to the thing or fully committing to myself. I saw it as a way out of potentially letting myself down. Because God forbid I fail. The funny thing about it is every time we simply “try” something without the intention of truly doing we are setting ourselves up to fail.

Hear me out. Let’s just focus on definitions for a quick sec.




1. make an attempt or effort to do something.




1. perform (an action, the precise nature of which is often unspecified).

2. achieve or complete.

There is only a slight difference in the two. The activity to which both are applied might be the exact same the difference is one trying may or may not see the activity to completion while doing completes it. Doing something requires all aspects of the activity to be considered, processed, performed and completed while trying allows you to pick and choose come back too it or see if it works out. How often do you trust the completion of something by someone who says they are going to try? 9 times out of 10 hearing someone say “I’ll try” in regards to things that impact us leave us on edge and unsure about the outcome. On the flip side if someone tells you that they are going to do it or get something done you are more likely to believe them and have confidence in the completion of the task. In both cases you could be let down. In both cases you could get what you were hoping for. Yet your mindset and confidence with the person who said they were going to do it was different. Can you admit that the same mindset and applies to you and what you tell yourself? Is it possibly that if you tell yourself that you are going to do something opposed to try something your confidence in yourself would be greater ultimately catapulting you into actually getting the thing done?


Regardless of the adversity, successful people have always talked about what they are going to do. Oprah Winfrey after losing her job did not say she was going to try to be what she is. She told everyone that what she was going to be. Serena Williams told many interviewers how great she planned on being and how much she believed in herself regardless of the ridicule. While every poll and political analyst said that Donald Trump would not win the presidency he consistently said that he would… and alas here we are. There is something to be said about those who say what they plan on doing and those who are okay with simply trying. What are you okay with? While you let that last question marinate I will leave you with this.

It is either do or don’t, will or won’t

but no such thing as in between.

Peace and much love,

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