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What's Meant To Be May Not Be

If you don't get up and go get it.

I saw this quote the other day right,

Here’s the thing… there is someone that can stop what’s meant for you and that person is you. I think there is a disclaimer we all skip over when it comes to what’s meant for us. And that is you can’t receive what’s meant for you if you don’t position yourself to receive it. Hear me out, our actions determine what is supposed to happen just because our purpose or what we are meant to have or do is one thing, if our actions don’t align then we are not supposed to have that. without putting the work into that thing you dream of you cannot achieve it. Dreams do not just show up on your lap. You cannot reach them by giving a halfass inconsistent effort. opportunities don’t last a lifetime they only last the lifetime of the opportunity.

Here’s an analogy because if you haven’t realized by now… I love analogies lol. If I have an ice cream cone that’s specifically for you but I need you to come outside and get it. Are you going to stay in the house because if it was meant for you it would show up exactly how you anticipated it? Or are you going to go outside and get the ice cream before it melts. Many of us can get caught in the idea of what's meant to be will be and it will be without extra effort on my part. What's meant to be will come to me easily so easily that I can focus on other things that make me happy. Your passions and desires can align with what's meant to be if you do the work to align them.

This obviously doesn’t apply to those who are putting in the work and willing to go outside to get the ice cream but if you’re someone who knows they could be doing more or is sitting back waiting for what’s meant for you constantly focusing on peace, love and feelings opposed to the actions that are going to get you to achieving your dreams remember this, that what’s meant for you is for you but you’ve got to go get it.

Peace and Love,

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