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2021 Is About Authenticity

I wrote this at the beginning of the year and for some reason haven't posted it until now. It's maybe because I'm focusing on being more than doing...


I’m currently on an Aruban beach watching the waves crash against the rocks and can’t help but to think about how life crashed against us last year… hell every year for that matter. The rocks are smooth from the erosion yet the glisten as the sun sets upon them just as we shine from the waves of life refine us.

2020 was a year of unexpected refinement. A year that I realized how little my worries actually matter and that my life shouldn’t be comprised of just the accomplishments but the small moments that make up the big ones we desire so much.

Lately I’ve been asking myself, why do I desire the big moments so much? What about them makes me think accomplishments will bring me happiness?

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We live in a very performative culture. While I understand highlighting ourselves and putting ourselves out there making it known how great we are, sometimes it can be a lot we know more about what people do and how “accomplished” they are before we know their names. My question is how is that affecting us on the inside? To deduce ourselves to being the sum of what we do everyday instead of who we were born as, as though being human and growing into ourselves isn’t enough. It’s easy to think that our impact on the world must be massive or noteworthy for us to matter when in reality we matter by just being ourselves.

"I am a human being not a human doing" - Toni Jones

Peace and much love,

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