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7 Ways Erykah Badu & Jill Scott Gave Us The Healing We Didn't Know We Needed

Last night E. Badu and Jilly from Philly brought the mutha f*ckin vibes, reminding of us what we grew up on and how we built strength off of baduisms and GRRIITTSSS. I’ll be honest I didn’t realize how much I needed this until I was in it. Kind of like a hug from that friend our auntie you haven’t seen in a long time but just knew how to hug you tight, a hug that warms your insides and makes you feel like everything is gon be alright. The type of hug that you think is over at one point because someone’s phone dies… but yall go back in for another hug because you literally cannot get enough and y'all “have no concept of time” anyway. We needed that hug right now with our voices hoarse from #AhmaudArbrey #irunwithmaud and the passing of Little Richard and Andre Harrell all “in the middle of a fucking pandemic” it was time. There is something healing about these two queens uplifting and loving on one another. Perhaps it was the familiarity of it as though I was hopping on facetime with my girlfriends so we can pour into one another. Or it’s just something magical about black women that when we turn on that nurturing and loving spirit the stress of the world seems to melt away. The internet definitely agrees, here are 7 reasons why Erykah Badu and Jill Scott were everything we needed and more.

1. We needed a positive vision and reminder of our blackness.

So many things in media are about pitting one against the other, hell this was supposed to be a battle instead, these two lyrical masterminds and genre defining artists did nothing but uplift and speak light into one another. When you spread light onto one person it reaches everyone else around them. We all felt the light both women were emitting towards one another and it made our days brighter.

2. We felt cleansed and rejuvenated

Honestly, Erykah Badu is the match that lights the Palo Santo and her music is the smoke that fills the room surrounding you with positivity energy and good vibes. This was a 3 hour smoldering to rid the negative thoughts, fears about the new normal, the lack of hope in our justice system or the loss of great people in our community

3. Messages hit.

We need certain messages from time to time whether they be for life or relationships. These below were meant for somebody!

I am somebody… somebody is me lol

4. We were reminded to love on one another even from afar we felt the love through the screen.

Sometimes healing looks like this. Calling your girlfriend and talking about man made holidays or how you refuse to be frustrated anymore and have made peace with yourself. It is through our connections with those around us where we can heal. Hearing someone else’s perspective and loving on them is so beneficial. We’ve been on group zoom wine downs and such but now that that may have died down take the time to truly reconnect on a deeper level with your sisterfriend. It helps!

5. It took people to life moments and places outside of the monotonous every day of quarantine.

It reminded us of times that shaped us into the people we are today. It’s beautiful how songs can take you back to a moment or a memory good or bad it was a vacation from what we’ve been dealing with recently and I for one am appreciative.

6. It was a black ass conversation filled with black sign language.

If black folk don’t make this face when they hear your work is it even good?!?!

7. Tyrone got his revenge.

All these years we’ve been talkin mad shit about Tyrone but he was just the friend that the bum ass boyfriend needed to call to help get his shit. What did Tyrone do?

Unless Tyrone was in fact one of the homeboys who got his way paid time and time again and if so then he needs to sit in the back seat and shut the hell up!

All in all to Erykah and Jill we thank you.

Thank you for your music and putting your art out there and encouraging others to do the same. Thank you for loving on one another and showing 700K people what black love looks like, some knew, some didn’t, but we all needed it. Thank you for reminding us that,

Peace and Love,

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