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Shit Is Getting Real...

crazy out here. The world is a dumpster fire and I never could have imagined how exhausting it would be to watch it burn. But it is. I’m in this strange place where what I see is not something that comes as a surprise. I mean, COVID-19 truly came out of nowhere but I’ve anticipated an uproar/revolution for a while now. One group of people can only take so much for so long. Anyone can try to be peaceful and keep their cool until you push one too many buttons. I considered the 99% tired of bail outs applying to those who get the country in financial trouble, millennials fed up with predatory loans or black people tired of dying. Clearly it’s the later and honestly that struggle has been here for ages, therefore long overdue. The thing is, no matter how much I anticipated it nothing could have prepared me for a revolution. It’s kind of like childbirth. Black people have been pregnant with turmoil and strife, frustrated with the lack of respect or care of their lives and as much as mothers know that they are going to have to deliver their child nothing can prepare them for the physical act besides going through it. Here we are in the midst of it contractions are strong screams are heard down the hall everyone knows that we are in labor. Pushing as hard as we can to birth change.

Like labor everyone has no choice but to be focused on the new addition to the world. Working while birthing seems unrealistic and nearly impossible yet I’ve been wondering why I’ve been unable to. I have found myself at the end of the week wondering where the days have gone and why I feel so tired. I’ve barely even said anything I lack the energy to argue with those who still don’t get it I don’t see the need to add to the points that are being eloquently made by others and yet I’m still tired.

And it’s okay.

With Peace and Much Love,

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